World Series Board Game - 1993 - Great Condition

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World Series Baseball Game - Complete - Great Condition
Category:  Board Games
Genre:  Sports Game
Year:  1993
2-4 Players
90 Min Playing Time
Ages:  8+

   Each player chooses a miniature plastic batting helmet representing the "team" they are trying to guide through two rounds of the game, representing the League Championship Series and World Series. There must be 2 National League and 2 American League teams chosen.
The board is a representation of a baseball infield, with 7 spaces between each base. Each of the spaces has a logo of one of the (at the time) 28 Major League teams. They are grouped on each base path by the divisions at the time, i.e. the AL West is between home and first base, the NL East, between first and second, etc.
Players must advance around the diamond, stopping at each base. Once a player reaches home, he counts a "win." The first player in each league to get 4 wins in the first round (the LCS) advances to the next round (the World Series). The first player to get 4 wins in the World Series wins the game.

Each base, including home plate, must be reached by exact count. To begin, the player spins a spinner with 8 spaces. One of the spaces allows the player to immediately go to first base and place his helmet there, while the others have a logo of a team that was, at the time, in the AL West. If the player lands on one of these, he puts his helmet on that team's space. In subsequent turns he rolls a die and advances his helmet towards the base, if he can do so. If the roll is higher than he can use, he stays where he is until his next turn.
Once he gets to a base, he repeats the process, starting by spinning the spinner for the new division he is traveling through.