Winnie the Pooh Honey Pot Hop Game - 1998 - Milton Bradley - Great Condition

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Winnie the Pooh Honey Pot Hop Game - Complete - Great Condition
by Milton Bradley
Category:  Board Games
Genre:  Childrens Game
Year:  1998
2-4 Players
20 Min Playing Time
Ages:  3+

   This game features two unique games, each utilizing a mechanical, talking Winnie the Pooh figure.
Set-up for both games is the same: place Pooh in the centre of the floor. Arrange the six character circles in a large circle around Pooh. All players start on a different character circle.

Bee Bop

Place the Bee Tokens next to Pooh, then push the honey bee button on Pooh once to start the game, and then once more to select the Bee Bop game.

Pooh will then give a direction (such as "bounce like Tigger") and begin playing music. All players must move around the circle, following the direction given by Pooh. When the music stops, each player must stand on a different character circle. Pooh will then name one of the six characters. If a player is standing on that character circle, they collect a Bee Token, and a new round begins.
The game ends when one player has collected 3 Bee Tokens OR when Pooh ends the game, at which point the player with the most Bee Tokens wins.