VR Troopers Game - 1994 - Milton Bradley - Great Condition

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VR Troopers Game - Complete - Great Condition
by Milton Bradley
Category:  Board Games
Genre:  Family Board Game
Year:  1994
2-4 Players
45 Min Playing Time
Ages:  8+

       He's nasty! He's mean! He's Grimlord, the power-hungry master of virtual reality. And he's about to launch a deadly attack on the real world. Only you can stop him!

You and your friends must transform into VR Troopers and enter the mysterious world of virtual reality - just like on the exciting TV show! Toss the battle dice top smash the sinister Skugs. Your powers increase as you defeat them. Then fight the fiendish robot mutant General Ivar! But watch out! He'll stop at nothing to destroy you!

Only the bravest VR Troupers can defeat Grimlord's evil army and win the game. Will it be you?"

Unlike most other games, the three VR warriors in the game are shared by the players. Each turn, the active player throws a die to decide which (red, yellow or green) trooper he controls this time, and then battle a Skug on their way to the penultimate battle, General Ivar.

Battles are done by tossing dice into a battle arena. Someone plays the Skug and tosses one die, hoping for a hit (50% chance), and then the active player tosses a die to get a hit as well. Play continues with 2 more dice on each side , one at a time. The dexterity comes in that you can try to hit your opponent's 'hit' die or your own 'miss' die to switch the result. Ties go to the active player.

There is some skill in tossing the dice to change results, but because you cannot control which VR warrior you will assumer on your turn, the game comes down mainly to luck. Winning battlers earns you a power chip (with a VR glasses wearing dog on it), which will allow you a reroll in the final battle (which is a toss of 4 dice at once, so dexterity plays no role here), while losing a battle loses you the same number of accumulated power chips.

There's no doubt this is a kid's game for fans of the TV show. Still, the components are fairly nice and the battle arena mechanic is well done.


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