The Loving Game Penthouse - 1984 - New Old Stock

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The Loving Game Penthouse - New Old Stock
by Penthouse
Category:  Board Games
Genre:  Strategy Game
Year:  1985
2 Players
240 Min Playing Time
Ages:  18+

    The game is meant for two but may be played with multiple couples in "teams". Players take turns rolling a single six-sided die and move around the rectangular board doing whatever the square that they landed on says. This is not an erotic or dirty game per say but is instead designed to promote communication by making the couple answer intimate questions about each other and themselves or promote caressing, kissing or otherwise non-sexual intimate contact.

Described as:

An exciting board game that can enhance or strengthen your present day relationship. "A romantic experience for two. Spend a night with your partner you will never forget". The LOVING GAME is a romantic board game that is ideal for two people, but would also be fun for 4 or more. It is an exciting game that is "romantic" in a unique and special way. The Loving Game can bring you closer to your partner than you've ever been before... Sit back, relax and enjoy!