Shrieks & Creaks Game - 1988 - Golden - Great Condition

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Shrieks & Creaks Game - Complete - Great Condition
by Golden
Category:  Board Games
Genre:  Family Board Game
Year:  1988
2-4 Players
60 Min Playing Time
Ages:  8+

      "Shrieks & Creaks" is a cassette-driven game featuring a Talking Tombstone. Players move from room to room and use both the room keys and their own character key to try to advance. A tombstone-shaped speaker attaches to a standard cassette player. The speaker will only allow sounds through if the right combination of room and character key are put into it. If sounds come from the speaker, the corresponding room is blocked to that player.

Customer Reviews

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Absolutely loved by my kids especially my son
“Play the tape on Halloween””

We use to play in this game over and over and on Halloween played the tape as the neighborhood kids dressed in their costumes came to trick or treat at our front door Just the best of times!