Shark Mania Game - 2014 - Spin Master - Great Condition

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Shark Mania Game - Complete - Great Condition
by Lakeside
Category:  Board Games
Genre:  Family Board Game
Year:  2014
2-4 Players
5 Min Playing Time
Ages:  6+

     You're shipwrecked on Shark Island! Now you and your pirate shipmates must race through the wreckage, grabbing as much gold as you can, before the quickly advancing shark knocks you into the drink!

To begin the game, pull the tethered shark fin out to sea. Press the button and the shark begins moving towards the island. On your turn, roll the die and then choose either to a) move your pirate that many spaces or b) collect that many coins. The shark will begin destroying the path as it advances. If you're caught you'll be knocked into the sea, but if you're fast (and not too greedy), you might make it safely to shore. The pirate who makes it to the island with the most money wins the game.