Scavenger Hunt Game - 1983 - Milton Bradley - Great Condition

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Scavenger Hunt Game - Complete - Great Condition
by Milton Bradley
Category:  Board Games
Genre:  Family Board Game
Year:  1983
2-4 Players
60 Min Playing Time
Ages:  8+

     The object of this game is to find and bring back Home four randomly designated objects (out of a possible selection of 16), in sequence, as in a Scavenger Hunt.

The objects are deployed on the board using a semi-random method. Then play begins. You use dice to move your pawn, but cards are required to move through house rooms --otherwise you're confined to the sidewalks (without the right cards, you may also end up "trapped in a garage", the only room that does not have a direct exit to the sidewalk). Pairs of cards can also be traded in for extra turns. Additionally, there are two dogs roaming the sidewalks, which are obstacles and controlled by card play.