Rich Uncle Monopoly Game - 1959 - Parker Brothers - Very Good Condition

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Rich Uncle Monopoly Game - Complete - Very Good Condition
by Parker Brothers
Category:  Board Games
Genre:  Family Board Game
Year:  1959
3-5 Players
30 Min Playing Time
Ages:  8+

    This post WWII game rewards the first player to increase his cash holding by a factor of five (start $10K and win at $50K) with victory. Key features of the game are two dice, shaded differently, with the dark die always representing tens and the light die units. The game board stands vertically by attaching to the side of the open box, and has 36 different spaces to correspond with the possible dice results. The doubles spaces are all "Consult the Daily Bugle" (market quotation cards are cycled, changing the solitary price that serves each of the non-doubles "stocks"). The '66' space also provides a "Christmas Bonus" of $3K to the turns' player. If there was any doubt, the "Rich Uncle" is Uncle Pennybags, from Monopoly fame! The silliest part of the game is the stack of "newspaper headlines" that are also consulted every time a double is rolled--there's usually a humorous headline to go with the instructions on the "newspaper". E.g., "Mayor of City Needs a New Car--Selects the Best Automobile that Money Can Buy" is a newspaper whose instructions force each player to roll the dice to determine how much money (always in $K) they individually must pay to the "pool".