Quiz Wiz Challenger - 1981 - Coleco - Never Played

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Quiz Wiz Challenger - Complete - Great Condition
by Coleco
Category:  Board Games
Genre:  Electronic Game
Year:  1981
1-4 Players
30 Min Playing Time
Ages:  8+

      Compete against your family, your friends with Quiz Wiz Challenger. The competitive question and answer game that up to four people can play at the same time! It can be played in two different ways. In Game 1, all players who answer the question correctly score points. In Game 2, a race against time, only the first player to answer the question correctly scores. In both versions, the first player to score 5 points wins the round. Comes with a computerized quiz book that plugs into the unit and is compatible with all Quiz Wiz Cartridge/Quiz books.