Prize Property Game - 1974 - Milton Bradley - Great Condition

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Prize Property Game - Complete - Great Condition
by Milton Bradley
Category:  Board Games
Genre:  Family Game
Year:  1974
2-4 Players
90 Min Playing Time
Ages:  9+

     This is a game of land development and litigation. Each player is assigned an area of the board, containing three land sections and building lots of different colours (red, yellow, orange or blue). The object of the game is to be the first to build all of your nine buildings.

On your turn, you gamble for income. The income die is rolled; if it comes up on its red dot face, you don't get any money. Otherwise, you get the amount indicated and may roll again --but if you roll the red dot, you lose any income for the turn! Income is doubled once you've completed all three buildings of one of your land sections, tripled once you've completed two sections.

Next, you draw an Opportunity card and resolve it. You may buy a Town Meeting card; these cards are either Legal Action or Defence cards (this is kept secret until used). Finally, you may improve a property (from its undeveloped state), or build a resort on it (once improved) --if you have the money. The properties have varying degrees of risk associated with them (the Opportunity cards) and consequently varying building costs.

When you complete a building, the other players may play Legal Action cards (up to five), each of which places a red marble in the gavel device. You automatically get a green marble, and may add up to four more by using your Defence cards. The gavel is then shaken and then held up so marbles roll into the handle; a window at the handle's end reveals who won. If the opponents win, the builder does not get his building (and has lost the money) and the opponents get money from the bank for their trouble.


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