Pictionary Updated for the 90's - 1993 - New/Sealed

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Pictionary Updated for the 90's - New/Sealed
Category:  Board Games
Genre:  Family Board Game
Year:  1993
3-16 Players
90 Min Playing Time
Ages:  12+

      Playing Pictionary may remind you of Charades, but with drawing on paper instead of acting out the answers. In Pictionary, though, both teams' (or even all three teams') clue givers may be drawing at the same time as players strive to be the first to guess the correct answer. When the answer is not designated "All Play," one team simply tries to come up with the answer before the timer runs out, which is usually but not always possible thanks to the varying difficulty levels of the answers. No great drawing talent is required; instead, players gain an edge if they have a good imagination when guessing, empathy for their team mates, and/or a general ability to communicate in restricted circumstances. A board is provided, just to keep score on, which focuses the competition.