Mr. Mad Game - 1980 - Ideal - Great Condition

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Mr. Mad Game - Complete - Great Condition
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Category:  Board Games
Genre:  Family Board Game
Year:  1980
2-4 Players
15 Min Playing Time
Ages:  8+

     Make him mad and he will spin...

Throwing marbles so you can win!"

The object of the game is to be the first player to get rid of all their marbles.

All players select a particular colored group of marbles to represent them during the game. Players start the game with 8 marbles; all do not belong to that player but are divided as equally as possible between the relevant colors selected. A turn consists of dropping 1-3 marbles one at a time into the mouth of Mr. Mad, a plastic robot about 10" high. Players are required to state the color of marble to be introduced into Mr Mad's mouth prior to doing so.

On the floor of his transparent mouth is a button; if a marble hits this button the mechanism inside Mr Mad is triggered, causing him to spin around, flinging the marbles in his mouth out through large gaps where his hands would otherwise be. The player represented by the marble which activated Mr Mad must switch him off with the special 'stopping rod' provided as quickly as possible, as all marbles flung from mr Mad are collected by that player.