Mickey's Poppin' Magic Game - 1991- Parker Brothers - Great Condition

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Mickey's Poppin' Magic Game - Complete - Great Condition
by Parker Brothers
Category:  Board Games
Genre:  Family Board Game
Year:  1991
2-4 Players
15 Min Playing Time
Ages:  4+

  Mickey's Poppin' Magic is a children's pop-o-matic action game with a Disney theme. Players move pegged stand-up tokens (Minnie Mouse, Donald Duck, Pluto, and Goofy) around the edge of a 3-D plastic popcorn bowl. The playing surface is a series of holes (designed to fit the pegs, of course) with a hidden trigger mechanism underneath. If the pop-o-matic die roller indicates a "popcorn" result the trigger is activated randomly, possibly knocking somebody off the pathway. Players also trigger a random poppin' event when they land on a popcorn space. First player to complete the circle is declared the winner.