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     Step back in time to the vibrant and rad world of the late '80s with the "1989 Mall Madness Board Game" by Milton Bradley. This brand-new, factory-sealed gem is a time capsule of entertainment, offering both vintage charm and unopened excitement.

Game Concept:
Mall Madness takes players on a shopping spree adventure through a bustling mall filled with quirky stores and unexpected surprises. As players navigate the board, they encounter sales, discounts, and maybe a little bit of chaos – all the while racing to complete their shopping list.

Key Features:

  1. Nostalgic Design: The game box and components showcase the iconic design elements of the late '80s, from bold colors to playful graphics. It's a blast from the past that transports players to a bygone era.

  2. Factory-Sealed: This particular edition is not just a vintage find; it's a pristine, brand-new copy, still sealed in its original packaging. Experience the thrill of unwrapping a time-honored classic as if it just rolled off the shelves in 1989.

  3. Milton Bradley Quality: Known for producing engaging and enduring board games, Milton Bradley ensures that this edition maintains the high-quality standards that have made their games beloved for decades.

Collector's Delight: Whether you're a longtime fan of Mall Madness or a collector of vintage board games, this sealed 1989 edition is a rare and valuable addition to any collection. The untouched packaging adds a layer of authenticity and uniqueness, making it a standout piece for enthusiasts.

Time-Tested Fun: Gather family and friends for a blast from the past, where the thrill of navigating the mall and securing the best deals unfolds with play. Mall Madness is not just a game; it's a time-traveling experience that captures the spirit of an era.

Dive into the world of '80s nostalgia with the "1989 Mall Madness Board Game by Milton Bradley Brand New Sealed" – a gaming treasure waiting to be opened and enjoyed by those who appreciate the magic of vintage play.  


     Brand New Sealed Mint.  Very Rare find, I know I may never see another in my lifetime.  There are a couple going for twice mine on the market right now.


     Attention Mall Shoppers! The voice of the Mall has big news! Come inside and hear all about the giant sales and special bargains! Then join your friends on a wild shopping spree as you rush from store to store!

Press the console button and the Voice will tell you where to move and where to find the best sales. Hurry! Your friends may try to beat you to the bargains! See if you can be the first to buy six items. IF you need more money, make a quick stop at the bank!

To buy or bank - just insert your credit card into the slot and listen. You never know what the Voice of the Mall has "in store" for you!

2-4 Player
60 Min Playing Time
Ages: 9+


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    This item is not returnable if opened.  This is collectable the loss in value will be your responsibility if returned in a different condition.

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