Jurassic Park III: Island Survival Game - 2001 - Milton Bradley - New/Sealed

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Jurassic Park III: Island Survival Game - New/Sealed
by Milton Bradley
Category:  Board Games
Genre:  Family Game
Year:  2001
2-4 Players
45 Min Playing Time
Ages:  8+
     Based on the third movie, of course. Besides the board, this time you have 7 cardboard character pawns, life chips (each character's "hit points"), cards, special dice and dinosaurs (our old friend T. Rex, three velociraptors, six pteranodons and two spinosaurus).

The 30 cards are sorted into five piles: Jaw to Jaw, Raptor Rumble, Pteranodon Terror, Spino's Revenge and Race To The Rescue. The dinosaurs (taxonomically, pteranodons aren't dinosaurs; they belong to a different order, the pterosaurs) start in designated places around the board, as do the humans except for little Eric (who appears as a result of a card draw).

The object, for the humans, is to make it across the island to the exit (rescue spot); the dinosaurs try to prevent this, of course. There will always be one dinosaur player, the other players sharing the humans. Movement is die-based for both dinosaurs and humans. One human moves at a time, but there is a die face that moves a group of up to 3 at once. The dinosaurs are restricted to separate zones of the board and only act whilst humans are on their territory. Like with the humans, only one dinosaur moves per turn, except that a die face allows *all* dinosaurs to move 1 space. There are some board spaces usable only by humans and vice-versa.

Combat is dice driven as well. Pteranodons have a nasty tendency to snatch characters and bring them to their nests, where the character must escape or eventually be eaten. Humans have the option of burning hit points to get extra turns -- a risky gamble.

The humans win by reaching the far beach and drawing the WIN card from the Race To The Rescue deck.


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