Jungle Hunt Game - 1983 - Milton Bradley - Great Condition

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Jungle Hunt Game - Complete - Great Condition
by Milton Bradley
Category:  Board Games
Genre:  Family Board Game
Year:  1983
2-4 Players
20 Min Playing Time
Ages:  7+
     Ropes are the unique feature to this game. There are five of them which pivot from a spindle perched in the middle of the game board. The game board is divided into quarters. Each of four ropes has its own matching colored section from which it must not leave. The fifth rope may move forward and backward all around the board.

In turn, each player will activate the spinner and move any number of ropes any combination of whatever number was spun. A player’s explorer (pawn) can only move via rope. An explorer can jump on a rope that is on its space. One of the spaces on the spinner activates the Mad Monkey pawn. Mad Monkey can knock explorers off if they share the same rope.

The first player to lap the game board, therefore reaching Jungle Girl, wins the game.