Jackpot Yahtzee Game - 1980 - E.S. Lowe - Great Condition

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Jackpot Yahtzee Game - Complete - Great Condition
by E.S. Lowe
Category:  Board Games
Genre:  Dice Game
Year:  1980
2-4 Players
60 Min Playing Time
Ages: 8 +

      To get the highest accumulative score at the end of 3 rounds of play by strategically dropping your tiles in your rack so that they stack up into rows that score horizontally or diagonally but not vertically. On your turn you roll the 4 dice which all have symbols on them. The symbols are cherries, oranges, bells, and dollar signs. If you roll two or more of a symbol you get that tile to place in your rack. If you roll one of each you get your choice. Dollar signs are worth the most then bells, oranges, and then cherries. The more points a symbol is worth the lesser chance it will come up on the dice.

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Childhood memories

This came in good shape- we used to play all the time as kids and brings back so many memories!