Husker Du Game - 1993 - Golden - Great Condition

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Husker Du Game - Complete - Great Condition
by Golden
Category:  Board Games
Genre:  Family Board Game
Year:  1993
1-4 Players
15 Min Playing Time
Ages:  4+

     This is a children's memory game wherein plastic tokens cover windows in the game board. Take turns uncovering windows to match the images beneath.

The images are printed on a wheel which can be turned so that each game has the matching images in different locations.

Customer Reviews

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Memories from a memory game

I ordered this game for my sister for her 53rd birthday.
Recently we had to place our wonderful Mom in a personal care home which prompted many conversations reminiscing about our childhood and playing board games at our Grandma’s house.
Husker Du was my sister’s absolute favorite of all the games we enjoyed playing with our loving Grandma.
This game invokes so many previous memories at Nan-Na’s house.
In these past months where we have cried what seems an ocean of tears after placing Mom with dementia in a care home and so many times wishing we could just call her and she would be at home again and that she would be Mom again.
But we can’t go back home again because Mom’s not there but each time my sister plays this Husker Du game with her 6 year old grandson, she will be able to go back in her mind’s eye to Nan-Na’s house. And if she tries real hard she will be able for just a short brief time remember sitting at Nan’s dining room table with Nan-Na and my sister and the kool-aid she always made us and archway cookies and maybe she will feel that special feeling of love we only felt at Nan & Pap’s house.
So hopefully even though we can never go back to Nan’s house physically at least for a brief time the wonderful loving memories we made while playing Husker Du all those years ago will turn her tears into smiles.