High Bid Game - 1965 - 3M - Great Condition

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High Bid Game - Complete - Great Condition
by 3M
Category:  Board Games
Genre:  Auction Game
Year:  1965
2-4 Players
25 Min Playing Time
Ages:  12+

     Players represent collectors attempting to gather sets of valuable properties and artifacts ... coins, antiques, miniatures, etc. These sets are worth handsome sums at game's end. Individual pieces of a set are worthless at game's end, but are able to be sold during the course of the game in order to provide a cash-flow.

These 'properties' are represented on cards. There are 12 different types of properties, varying from 3 - 6 pieces per set. Naturally, the sets containing six pieces are much more valuable than the sets containing only three pieces as it is much more difficult to complete these larger sets.

Each player is dealt six cards and given a starting 'fund' of $2,000. The top 'property' card is revealed and a bidding ensues. The winner pays the bank and takes the card into his hand. The player then has the option of selling 1 - 3 properties to the bank. The idea here is to rid yourself of properties that you do not wish to collect and provide a source of income.