Easy Money Game - 1996 - Milton Bradley - Very Good Condition

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Easy Money Game - Complete - Very Good/Great Condition
by Milton Bradley
Category:  Board Games
Genre:  Finance Board Game
Year:  1996
2-4 Players
40 Min Playing Time
Ages:  9+

     A completely different game from MBs real estate game with the same name. The game board is piled high with money packs of different denominations. The money packs are ten bills of the same amount wrapped in a paper strip. Players roll dice and move around the board sharing one token. Follow the directions on the space either doubling their current money, landing on or passing an Easy Money space to collect one or two million dollars, collecting a Mystery Jackpot, holding a lottery or playing on Wall Street. All money is taken from the huge pile in the center of the board. The game ends when all the money is taken from the board and the player with the most money wins.