Don't Feed the Gators Game - 1992 - Golden - Great Condition

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Don't Feed the Gators Game - Complete - Great Condition
by Golden
Category:  Board Games
Genre:  Family Board Game
Year:  1992
2-4 Players
20 Min Playing Time
Ages:  5+

     It's a race! Be the first player to get your monkey across the gator-infested swamp to Great Banana Island, and you win. But whatever you do, Don't Feed The Gators!

The path to the Island goes across the backs of the four gators; when a player lands on a gator's snout, his monkey is put in the gator's gaping jaws, and the "naughty red monkey" is then placed on the gator's neck. This sometimes makes the gator's jaws snap shut --and you must start all over with a fresh monkey.

The monkey spaces on the board allow you to swap your place with another player's, so you're always in the race, even when far behind. The gator spaces allow you to designate a monkey to advance to the next gator jaws in front of him --sometimes you'll get rid of the competitor, sometimes you'll help him get closer to the finish!