Disney Guesswords - 2001 - Mattel - New

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Disney Guesswords - New
by Hasbro
Category:  Board Games
Genre:  Family Party Game
Year:  2001
4-12 Players
20 Min Playing Time
Ages:  8+


     Similar to Password, but all Disney-related clues, and uses an electronic gizmo to display the word to the clue giver and also for timing.

Played in 2 teams. Clue giver for team one places a disc in the gizmo, reads the one or two word answer, gives a one word clue, and starts the timer by pushing a mouse ear on the gizmo. Team two has until the lights go out on the timer to yell answers. If they don't get it, the gizmo is passed to the other team, whose clue giver may give one new word as a clue. Gizmo goes back and forth until someone gets it.

Disks have A side with easy words ("Bambi" is pretty easy to get if you give a clue "deer") and B side with harder words (the hardest one we found was "twitterpated").

Fun little game for a family and/or group of Disney fans.