Dealer's Choice Game - 1972 - Parker Brothers - Great Condition

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Dealer's Choice Game - Complete - Great Condition
by Parker Brothers
Category:  Board Games
Genre:  Family Board Game
Year:  1972
3-5 Players
45 Min Playing Time
Ages:  8+

     A wheeling dealing used car game.

Buy and sell cars from your used car lot. Using your copy of the Blue book, try to make as much money as you can. Protect your cars with various insurance and 'force' opponents to run into bad luck.

Each player owns a car dealership, and is trying to have the greatest value in cash and vehicle inventory when the game ends. Everyone starts out with several cars, an insurance policy (for things like theft, fire, etc), and several Dealer's Choice cards. These cards can be used for individual benefit (e.g. selling a car for list price, buy a new car for $200, etc), or they can be more insidious, such as stealing the car of someone else or setting their car on fire. A word of warning...don't play with anyone that doesn't like you! They could make your life miserable with bad Dealer's Choice cards. As the game progresses, each player buys and sells based on their unique "Blue Book", which shows values for each car. These values are different for every player, so what is worth $10,000 to the seller could be junk to someone else. Obviously, everyone is trying to buy low and sell high. That is the basic idea of the are a few tips!
-Play with the max amount of players. Only playing with two or three people is no fun.
-If you have dealer's choice cards to sell for blue book or list price, and you have a valuable car, cash in on it before someone steals it or otherwise takes it from you.
-One disadvantage is near the end of the game, when all the cars are on the lots. Everyone has seen all the cars, so each round becomes redundant. It ends up being the same cars, same prices, and the same obstinate sellers. To get past this roadblock, you often have to sell some cars cheaper than you would otherwise, just to bring closure to the game.


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