Curious George: Hide and Seek Zoo Game - 2009 - I Can Do That! Games - Great Condition

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Curious George: Hide and Seek Zoo Game - Complete - Great Condition
by I Can Do That Games
Category:  Board Games
Genre:  Childrens Game
Year:  2009
2-6 Players
20 Min Playing Time
Ages:  4+

   The wild game of hiding, seeking, and zoo-keeping fun!

Your favorite monkey is in charge of the zoo and everything is going wild!

Grab your "walkie talkie" and get ready: The man with the yellow hat will be calling in to send you on exciting missions all over the zoo. Feed and care for zoo animals, repair fences, and clean up messes. But watch out—when you hear “THE ANIMALS HAVE ESCAPED,” it’s time to spring into action! The other players put on their animal masks and hide. It’s your job to find them. But hurry—the zoo must open on time!