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Unveil the secrets and step into the realm of suspense with the "2005 Clue Mysteries Game by Parker Brothers," a pristine gem that has stood the test of time as contents are new. This edition brings the classic Clue experience to a whole new level, offering an untouched journey into the world of deduction and intrigue.

Mystery Unopened: This edition remains in its original packaging, never played and sealed contents since its release in 2005. The untouched box holds the promise of a mystery waiting to be unraveled, making it a true collector's item for board game enthusiasts and Clue aficionados alike.

Classic Clue Gameplay: Retaining the timeless gameplay that has made Clue a household name, this edition introduces an air of mystery and suspense as players work to uncover the who, what, and where of a heinous crime. Navigate the game board, gather clues, and outwit your opponents in this timeless detective adventure.

Parker Brothers Quality: Known for producing engaging and enduring board games, Parker Brothers ensures that this edition maintains the high-quality standards that have made their games beloved for generations. The components, design, and craftsmanship are a testament to the enduring legacy of the Clue Mysteries Game.

Collector's Delight: For collectors seeking a pristine addition to their board game archives, the 2005 Clue Mysteries Game in New Old Stock condition is a treasure trove. The untouched packaging not only preserves the game's mint condition but also adds a layer of authenticity to this classic title.

Key Features:

  • Original 2005 Edition
  • Never Played, New Old Stock Condition
  • Classic Clue Mysteries Gameplay
  • Sealed Contents for Maximum Collector Appeal

Whether you're a seasoned Clue player or a collector with an eye for vintage board games, the "2005 Clue Mysteries Game by Parker Brothers" in its New Old Stock condition is an invitation to relive the thrill of a classic mystery-solving adventure in its purest form. Open the box, unravel the mystery, and enjoy the timeless magic of Clue.

50 compelling cases to solve!

In this prequel to the Clue Detective Games, John Boddy and his attorney, Miles Meadow-Brook are still alive. But 12 delightfully deceitful Clue characters are plotting their demise, and turning Hampshire into a hotbed of petty crimes. Inspector Brown's casebook is bulging with unsolved mysteries, and he needs your help to solve them.

Choose a mystery, then travel along the Hampshire gameboard to question witnesses and decode their clues. Inspector Brown will tell you if anyone's lying. And Mr. Boddy knows where the guilty party is hiding!


     Item is unplayed, all pieces sealed, never played or opened.  New Old Stock.

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