Centipede Game - 1983 - Milton Bradley - New

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Centipede Game - New
by Milton Bradley
This game is very collectible and came from a collector.   He unfortunately had to sell off his entire collection.  Every game was wrapped in plastic wrap for 40+ years and stored nicely in a private room with a lot of New collectable toys.
Category:  Board Games
Genre:  Arcade Game
Year:  1983
2 Players
30 Min Playing Time
Ages:  7+
    Enter the World of Centipede. A strange land of squirming centipedes, deadly scorpions, dangerous spiders, and poisonous mushrooms. Danger lurks at every turn as your centipede snakes through the winding mushroom field. Try to reach your opponent's home base before your opponent reaches yours. Shoot your opponent's centipede with your gun to slow it down. Move the scorpion to plant poisonous mushrooms along the path. When your centipede hits one it turns and takes a shortcut. Use the spider to attack your opponent's gun or to destroy poison mushrooms so your opponent can't use them. Move fast and shoot straight and you'll win the game.

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