Barnum's Animals Crackers Game - 2001 - Fisher Price - Great Condition

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Barnum's Animals Crackers Game - Complete - Great Condition
by Fisher Price
Category:  Board Games
Genre:  Family Game
Year:  2001
2-4 Players
10 Min Playing Time
Ages:  3+
    An over-sized animal crackers box (complete with string handle) containing 16 animal cards, 9 plastic animal crackers/cookies and a cloth bag to put them in.

The rules describe three games to be played with these components, all of which are memory/matching games:

1) One card is placed face down for each animal in the bag. Players draw an animal from the bag and then attempt to flip over the corresponding card. Success allows the player to retain the card and animal cracker, while failure requires the player to return the cracker to the bag and flip the card back over.

2) As above, but two cards are placed for each animal and players must attempt to match the drawn cracker with both matching cards.

3) All cards are placed face-down in a stack. Players draw a card from the stack and then attempt to retrieve the matching animal cracker from the bag by feel (without looking). Success allows the player to keep the matching set, while failure requires that the animal be returned to the bag.

In all cases, the winner is the player with the most card/cracker sets.

Best played while nibbling on Barnum's Animals Crackers.


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