Mary Poppins Game - 1964 - Whitman - Good Condition

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Mary Poppins - Missing Pieces - Good Condition
by Whitman
Category:  Board Games
Genre:  Family Board Game
Year:  1964
2-4 Players
30 Min Playing Time
Ages:  6+


     OBJECT: To be the first player to race from Cherry Tree Lane to the Park.

BEFORE PLAYING: Assemble the merry-go-round selector as shown in the diagram.
Insert pole through figure holder and tighten into the base. Make sure the cutout figures are secure on the holder -- Mary on one side, Bert on the other. Place selector on space provided on playing board.

To operate the selector, pick up the figure holder and let the pole slide all the way through. Place the base back on the circle and release the figure holder. It will spin to the bottom of the pole and spin to a stop. One pointer will point to one of the instructions surrounding the merry-go-round, the other will indicate a different instruction.

To determine oder of play, each player picks a playing piece and puts it on one of the instructions around the merry-go-round. The figure holder is lifted and released and the player which Mary points to (or is nearest) goes first. Order of play is then clockwise from the playing piece of the first player.

All players now place their playing pieces on Cherry Tree Lane ready to start.
PLAY: Each player "asks Mary" for his instructions by using the merry-go-round selector as described earlier. The instructions Mary points to are then followed.

In moving around the board players follow any instructions given on the square where their playing piece lands.
If a player's piece lands on a sidewalk picture the selector is operated again by that player and he now "asks Bert."
If a playing piece lands on a carpet bag the player may, at his next turn, decide whether to advance directly to the next carpet bag or whether to "ask Mary." This choice exists for any player at any time his piece is on a carpet bag.
If a player lands on an umbrella he immediately "asks Mary" again.

The countryside counts as three squares if a player is passing through it. However, if a player chooses to be sent there by Mary or Bert he must miss his next two turns. (If a player waiting in the countryside trades places with a player in front or in back of him, he is free and the traded player must wait whatever turns remain.)

Winner is the first player to reach the park.