Touche Magic 4 Game - 1985 - Discovery Toys - Great Condition

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Touché Magic 4 Game - Complete - Great Condition
by Discovery Toys
Category:  Board Games
Genre:  Strategy Game
Year:  1985
2 Players
30 Min
Ages 8+

    Each player has 6 pieces lined up on his side of a 5×5 grid, either the rectangular or the rounded pieces. Pieces are transparent, and inside them are magnetized metal disks, one side red, the other white. In this distant variation on Tic-Tac-Toe, your ultimate goal is to arrange that 4 disks of your color are in a row, regardless of the shapes of the pieces. Under the board are magnetic strips of unknown polarity. As you place a piece into a new space, it might stay as it is, but it could also happen that the disk flipped and the piece joined your opponent's side. Options during a turn are either to enter a piece, move a piece, or jump a piece.