Spin the Web Game - 1981 - Galt Toys - Great Condition

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Spin the Web Game - Complete - Great Condition
by Galt Toys
Category:  Board Games
Genre:  Family Board Game
Year:  1981
2-5 Players
30 Playing Time
Ages:  6+
      The game consists of a web printed on a turntable, 20 wood "insects" in four colors, a black wood spider, 30 spider cards, a wood die, and a wood dice cup.

There are two games described in the rules.

The basic game has players trying to move their pieces (insects) from starting positions around the web to the other side, always moving along a line of the web. An insect will move either one, two, three, or four spaces (nodes) according to a die roll. The first player to get all five insects across the board into opposite spaces is the winner. Sometimes a spider comes up on the die; when this happens, the player draws a card and rotates the web according to the card's instructions. Therefore the players face a changing board as they try to get across the web.

The advanced game is more interesting: one player takes the role of spider in a contest between a single spider and up to four other players. The players still try to get their insects across the board, and the board will still rotate now and then. A player wins when just three insects make it to the opposite side. The spider can jump around the outside of the board, or can also generate a web rotation, always looking to get close enough to the insects to devour one. The spider has to capture three insects of the same color to win.

The die is six-sided with opposite faces: 1-spider, 2-spider, 3-4. There are 10 cards which indicate a spin of 1 space, 10 with a spin of 2 spaces, and 10 with a spin of 3 spaces. Half the cards indicate a clockwise direction, and half indicate a counter-clockwise direction (distributed evenly amongst the spin amounts).


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