Maniac Mouse Game - 1993 - Milton Bradley - New

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Maniac Mouse Game - New
by Milton Bradley
Category:  Board Games
Genre:  Family Board Game
Year:  1993
2-4 Players
15 Min Playing Time
Ages:  4+

     This children's dexterity game features a plastic motorized mouse. To start, each player is given a mouse catcher "paw"

(plastic hook). The mouse is placed on the floor in a wide-open area and a piece of "cheese" is firmly inserted into its mouth. One player pushes its tail to the "on" position and it begins to scurry about in erratic circles. As soon as it has turned one full circle, all players quickly try to hook the loop in its tail using their mouse catcher "paws". The first player to catch it lifts it off the floor and collects the piece of cheese in its mouth. But be careful! If it touches you while moving, you must give up a piece of cheese. The first player to collect four pieces of cheese wins.